Activate Your Posture

Posture follows us everywhere we go and is a part of everything we do. Everyone is throwing posture around these days and it has a different meaning to each and every person. For some it means sitting up straight at the dinner table, yet to another it could be pulling their shoulders back. In this article I will walk you through the fundamentals of how to stand up straight and support your spine. It will require a little work from you to go through the steps to get in the proper position.

First, stand up with you feet under your pelvis.

Second, clench your glutes to set your pelvis in a balanced and stable position.

Third, activate your abdomen by bringing your belly button towards your spine. All you need here is 20% activation of your ab muscles.

By activating your glutes you set the lower body in position but you can’t move anywhere with your glutes clinched. Now that you have activated your core this will hold the position your pelvis set up.

Fourth, imagine a balloon is attached to the top of your head. That balloon is lightly pulling your head up. Your ears should be inline with your shoulders and your neck muscles should feel relaxed.

Lastly, pull the tips of your shoulder blades towards one another. This will open your chest and pull your shoulders back.

Congratulations! You are now in a neutral spinal position. This is how we were designed to stand and move around in our daily lives. If you have not been paying attention to your posture this may feel uncomfortable. You may also have some spinal restrictions limiting these natural motions. A chiropractor can help to reduce these spinal restrictions and help you to restore your posture. As you practice this technique you will find it becomes easier and more natural. Your neutral spinal position will not only engage the muscles that support your spine and help to reduce spinal pain and injuries down the road, but has also been proven to increase confidence!