Dr. Derek Libby

Dr. Libby was born in Seattle, WA where his fondest memory is feeding the ducks with his mom, dad, brother and sister. He moved to Rancho Penasquitos at the age of 12 where he attended Black Mountain Middle School and Mt. Carmel High School. He participated in football, baseball and track and field along with surfing and snowboarding outside of school. Dr. Libby was raised on chiropractic care in Seattle, but his family was never able to find the same caliber of care at an office in North County. “I had fallen out of chiropractic care and in turn dealt with low back pain from various sports for many years.” When he was 18, Dr. Libby was involved in a car accident. After the car accident, his mom recommended he see a chiropractor for his injuries and continued low back pain. He received relief after a month of care and began seeing a chiropractor regularly. This sparked an interest in the healing arts and led him to do continued research on the benefits of chiropractic. Research led to more questions and the desire to know all he could about chiropractic. It was at this time that he set out on his path towards becoming a Chiropractor in Poway, and creating a family wellness center..

Dr. Derek Libby graduated in 2014 from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Here he learned the newest techniques, trained in cutting-edge technology, and became versed in the tried and true methods developed over a century ago. Dr. Libby was chosen for the opportunity to work with a sister school, UNEVE, in Mexico City, Mexico. Here he provided care to the local community serving over 400 men, women and children of all ages. He treated an array of conditions ranging from failed back surgeries and severe scoliosis to bulging discs and pregnant mothers.

Upon returning to his hometown of Rancho Penasquitos, Dr. Libby began a year long mentor ship with Dr. Given. Dr. Given was a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic who ran a successful practice in Poway for 37 years. The combination of the latest skills from Parker University and the mentor ship of a seasoned local chiropractor in Poway, has created an excellent clinician capable of finding and treating the root of your specific problem. Come to your local wellness center in Poway to keep health a focal point for your family.

About Us

Activate Chiropractic

Is a patient-centered, family wellness clinic designed to provide fast relief of symptoms without using drugs, injections, or surgeries. Dr. Libby is a local Poway Chiropractor that focuses on treating the underlying cause(s) of your specific issue while addressing the body as a whole.